Do you have the Best White T-Shirt?


Nothing says opportunity quite like a brand new, super fresh white tee. It’s a sartorial blank canvas that has the potential to revive your wardrobe. Wear it under a slip dress and bam — new you. It’s a uniform staple with chameleonic super powers: pair it with denim cutoffs on every hot day this summer and never once worry about being a repeat offender (white tees on repeat don’t count!), then marvel as it transforms into the top you’ve long been searching for to wear with your black tie ball skirt.

It’s also the ideal shirt for activities.

But a question remains: do you have the best white t-shirt? Maybe, and we hope you tell us about it in the comments so that we can copy you! Meanwhile, our favorites are featured below from Tommy Hillfiger to Zara to Forever21 because — let’s be real — you can never have too many perfect white tees.


Why it rules: It’s under 1000 bugs so you can afford to stock up, plus it holds its boxy shape — ideal for anyone not looking to tuck her tee. Shop here ZARA!

Think the cost is too high & need a smaller size then try..


Price: 369.00 INR


Why it rules: It’s comfortable and affordable enough to replace when — not if — you spill something on it. Shop here : FOREVER21!


Price: 699.00 INR

Why it rules: It’s SUPER soft and has the perfect -cut without any weird stiffness. There’s a sustainable element as well since some of the fabric comes from hemp.

Also, it’s long enough that you can wear it as a dress in case you’re home without pants on and the doorbell rings.

Into this look but don’t like the butt-covering length? Try…

Price: 1280.00 INR



Why it rules: It’s the ideal untucked-on-purpose tee. It’s lightweight, too, so it’s cool both literally and figuratively.


Price: 699.00 INR


Why it rules: The V-neck isn’t too wide (but it also won’t choke you) and, the real deal-sealer: the sleeves are bigger than a normal solid tee inturn adding a classic touch… Shop here United colors of benetton!

Price: 399.00 INR


Why it rules: It’s a good office tee. It’s lightweight but not see-through and the shorter sleeves just feel a bit more polished. Shop here AMERICAN SWAN !


Price: 399.00 INR


Why it rules: It’s loose enough to be flattering but fitted enough to look polished, and its crewneck falls juuuuuuust low enough on your neck to give you some breathing room. Also, the soft heathering of the white makes it look (and feel) perfectly worn-in. Shop here: CAMPUS SUTRA!

 Let’s be real — you can never have too many perfect white tees.I hope this guide to the perfect white T-shirt helped you find your perfect one! Please do leave comments suggesting on the same. Cheers!



John Cena vs Roman Reigns : A SummerSlam 2016 Feud!

John Cena vs Roman Reigns : A SummerSlam 2016 Feud!

Having cashed in on arguably the biggest ‘WrestleMania’ in history and fresh off the heels off of a successful edition of ‘RAW’, WWE is looking towards it’s next marquee event, SummerSlam, to make a big splash.That “big splash” could very well come in the form of two of their most controversial superstars; John Cena and current WWE Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns.

John Cena who has been out of action for quite sometime now due to injury has announced via Twitter on April 26th that he’ll be back actively competing in the ring on Memorial Day edition of Monday Night Raw on May 30.


Even though Cena being out of action, He did make a surprise appearance in a segment involving The Rock and The Wyatt Family right before Roman Reigns defeated Triple H & taking the title of World heavy weight champion from Triple H.


As we know John Cena is WWE’s top dog and is “The Face that Runs the Place” this opens up a whole new perspective for WWE. Now WWE Creative just has to decide what it wants to do with the returning superstar.

Cena and Reigns Fans have been begging fo such a move for nearly a decade now. Its of no doubt that Cena has made the company (and himself) so much money in merchandising, not to mention brought positive PR to the company through his charity work. Sources say that Cena will be used as a stepping stone for any of the newcomers seeking to make an impact.

On top of that, Reigns has already called out Cena on last Monday’ ‘Today Show’ while discussing defending his newly won championship:

 “Anybody and everybody. Like we said earlier, WrestleMania is full of superstars, A-listers, we had The Rock, we had John Cena there… if they want some, hey John Cena, the champ is here.”

It is widely expected that Reigns will retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship till at least the coming SummerSlam.

WWE is planning on to cash a lot of money & attracting crowd with the clash between these two, with a creative storyline, would continue to drive new subscribers to the ‘WWE Network” and help continue to position ‘SummerSlam’!

However, WWE might be tempted to utilize the star power of John Cena who is at the top of the card right now and make him the one to finally put WWE back on path of where it’s always wanted to go. For latest updates and news on WWE follow Sportskeeda WWE .